NuVerge Selected as US Partner for Black Owl Systems Lease Accounting Software

Longmont, Colorado, USA – September 13th – NuVerge, LLC. is pleased to announce that they have been selected as a US partner for Black Owl Systems’ lease accounting software. Black Owl Systems is delivering a new approach to lease accounting software, delivering to clients a modern cloud-based accounting system founded on strong accounting principles.

Black Owl delivers an innovative solution for both public and private companies complying with both US GAAP and IFRS financial reporting regulations. Black Owl has created a system that streamlines lease accounting and administration, delivering a robust enterprise solution leveraging modern cloud technology. Their system can be used with any ERP or accounting system and is scalable for organizations of any size.

Bill Hylton, NuVerge COO, mentioned, “We are very pleased to partner with Black Owl, offering our clients another value-added product to their ERP ecosystem. NuVerge focuses on delivering solutions to clients using Nextworld’s No-Code platform (Nextbot™) and is the first within the Wine Industry to have such a solution (NuTrax for Wine). Our solutions allow clients to automate specific wine processes with speed and simplicity; allowing wineries to digitally transform their operations to be more efficient, the same way Black Owl delivers lease accounting to finance and accounting.”

“This announcement underscores our commitment to grow and expand our company into the United States by partnering with a strong company that is known for delivering results to its clients,” said CEO Greg Kautz. “In addition to NuVerge’s client network, they have success in building enterprise business solutions and will bring a unique perspective on how we will grow our companies together.”

About NuVerge

Established in 2018, NuVerge is a Global Reseller of Nextworld™ ERP Applications and Nextbot™ (a No-Code platform for business process automation). NuVerge is committed to leveraging Next Generation Business Software and Technologies focused on digital transformation and accelerated process automation. Their NuTrax for Wine™ Solution focuses on; Farming & Viticulture, Product Control, Wine & Blending, Financials & Forecasting, and Technology that allows Wineries to integrate automated processes with ease.

The NuVerge strategy is simple; assist clients in the untethering of legacy software while improving their organizational performance and growing their business at an unprecedented pace. NuVerge is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, and serves its North American client base from its East and West regional offices.

About Black Owl

Black Owl Systems Inc. is a Canadian company, developing and delivering innovative accounting software solutions using modern cloud-based tools and technologies. Black Owl helps finance leaders of public and private companies reduce ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance risks and lower overhead costs, by enabling them to complete lease accounting faster and more accurately.

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Greg Kautz
Greg Kautz

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